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1960 Graduating Class Profiles

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Name: Roe, Evelyn
Grad Year: 1960
Address: 1206 Prentice
City: Downs
State: Ks
Zip: 67437
Phone: 785 454 3523



Gary and Evelyn Roe reside in Downs. Gary's retired from farming. Evelyn continues to conduct childcare in her home. Gary's parents passed away in the last couple years. Gary / Evelyn moved to Gary's parentsí  home recently.



We continue to make contact with Lynn Wickham and appreciate his friendship. Being a member of Top Teens was a special time for me in high school. We see Carl Stepp / Arris Johnson sometimes. We have three grown daughters living in Colo. / Olathe. We have five grandchildren. We recently visited Judy [Kennedy] and John Lavelle in Seattle.